Bloomington, Deer hunts coming to Bloomington June 30, 2012 Indiana

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Deer hunts coming to Bloomington June 30, 2012 Indiana, 
The Bloomington Alternative 
... urban ecosystems, in fact, are good for the deer, according to the Bloomington task force... "Indeed, due to the use of fertilizers, plants in suburban yards are often more nutrient-rich than food found in the forest." ... "It is likely that the local urban environment could actually support many more deer than it currently does," the task force website says. "When it comes to urban deer, wildlife biologists often advise that instead of asking how many deer an urban environment could biologically support, the more salient task is assessing how many deer a community finds acceptable – the social carrying capacity.” 

Deer Hunting in Bloomington? July 3, 2012 Indiana, CounterPunch, Steven Higgs
A recent late-night walk with my border collie Zoe has transported me back to one of the darkest, dreariest days of my 30-year journalistic career... story I wrote for the H-T titled “Park hunt kills 370 deer.” ... Roughly 100 Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials and conservation officers kept the public out until the shooting ended eight-and-a-half hours later. Throughout the day, hunters emerged from the hills and valleys with dead whitetails draped over their shoulders. The animals ended up in mountainous piles ...

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