Bloomington, Interview with former Bloomington Deputy Mayor Maria Heslin about the Upcoming Deer Cull in Griffy Nature Preserve November 14, 2014 Indiana

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... “It’s come to my attention that there is a section in this permit application called long term management plan, and it seems to authorize up to ten years of deer killing. It sets deer killing as the default position based on how many plants grow and don’t grow, and it also seeks the possibility of on going public archery hunts to maintain deer population. This begs a lot of significant questions. Were you aware of this stated ten year plan? Who reviewed and authorized this? ...
     City council members respond to deer protection group November 14, 2014 Indiana, Indiana Daily Student
... Bloomington City Council, David Rollo ...  said sterilization is not an option because deer are able to move in and out of the nature preserve.  “There are no examples of immunocontraception or sterilization working in an open system,” ... Ruff said years of research have been done and that the matter has been decided. [This statement is factually incorrect]
   More Than 30 Protest Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Deer Hunt November 13, 2014 Indiana,
... More than 30 advocates protested in the cold Wednesday night against the impending deer kill in Griffy Lake Nature Preserve... President of White Buffalo Tony DeNicola says his team has already conducted three site visits at Griffy to survey the topography of the land and determine areas to set up bait stations ...
      Deer Advocates Protest As Deer Kill Draws Near November 13, 2014 Indiana, Indiana Public Media 
... Sandy Shapshay and Maria Heslin also spoke, citing documents they’ve obtained that they say call into question both the validity of the science used to justify the deer kill as well as the expected duration of the deer kill..

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