Bloomington, Urban deer pose long-term problem in Bloomington September 1, 2012 Indiana

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Bloomington, Urban deer pose long-term problem in BloomingtonSeptember 1, 2012 Indiana, NECN
..."This is really deer paradise," Indiana University biologist Angie Shelton said of Bloomington ... Nonlethal measures, for instance, replacing plants that deer like to eat with ones they don't, could be part of a broader equation to reduce populations, said Laurie Ringquist, director of Bloomington Animal Care and Control.... Trapping and relocating deer is prohibited by the DNR because it is inhumane; research has shown about 90 percent die of stress during or after the move. [see non-lethal control methods, a recent study in Texas demonstrated that relocation can be accomplished with approximately the same survival rates as for deer that were not relocated] 

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