Ogden Dunes: Town should consider residents' concerns before using deer cull December 29, 2011 Indiana

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Ogden Dunes: Town should consider residents' concerns before using deer cull December 29, 2011Indiana, nwitimes.com, Dona Young

... the Town Council didn't go to the trouble to count the deer, they did survey residents twice reluctantly. Each time a 25 percent majority of residents said that they were against a cull... the Town Council decided to take the most severe action as their first step, ignoring all research ... Because the town is adjacent to a national park, killing deer will not mean fewer deer in town ...The council also admits that killing deer now will have no effect on the number of cases of Lyme disease next year.... deer do not cause Lyme disease. The town has not even considered a tick abatement program, which would make more sense than killing deer if Lyme disease was their real concern. 

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