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Elk spotted near Big Spirit Lake October 18, 2016 Iowa

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Elk spotted near Big Spirit Lake October 18, 2016 Iowa, Dickinson County News
..."All of the places a wild elk could have wandered from are around 200, 300 miles away," ... thinks the elk traveled to northwest Iowa searching for new territory or a possible mate.  "Elk used to be native to Iowa, but they haven't been for more than 100 years," ...

Elk runs wild near Iowa highway October 26, 2016 Iowa, KCCI Des Moines
... there have been over a half dozen elk sightings in Iowa this year alone.  The sightings may be more frequent because the elk are more visible with the crops harvested ...

Elusive elk shot by Iowa wildlife officials December 19, 2017
... The bull elk killed Saturday had notches in its ears, consistent with the animal being part of a captive herd ...

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