Deer populations are declining in some parts of Kansas March 11, 2019 Kansas

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Deer populations are declining in some parts of Kansas March 11, 2019 Kansas, Pratt Tribune
... “Huge numbers of deer” were noted by various Kansas explorers of the 19th Century, including Lewis and Clark, who spent two weeks in far northeast Kansas in 1804.  James R. Mead noted that deer were “numerous” with- in the Red Hills region upon his travels through there in 1872.  However, by 1904, after settlement of Kansas had progressed from east to west, DE Lantz of the U.S. Department of Agriculture opined that deer were “probably extinct” in the state. In 1947, Aldo Leopold, a well- known author, ecologist, and conservationist, similarly stated, “There is only one deer-less state: Kansas.” ..,  [information from Dr. Jonathan Conard of Sterling College]

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