Prospect Dives Into Deer Debate February 22, 2011 Kentucky

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Prospect Dives Into Deer DebateFebruary 22, 2011 Kentucky WLKY Louisville 

Three residents voiced their concerns to the Prospect City Council on Monday night and they ranged from traffic safety to garden sanctity. Prospect has formed a committee to look at possible solutions. One solution would be to send sharpshooters into neighborhoods to target the deer population -- a suggestion that shocked some residents. Other options include sterilization or relocation. For some who see the deer simply as a nuisance, those are much more acceptable.

Prospect mayor dismisses deer committee after controversy, Committee defends their work March 30, 201 Kentucky Louisville Courier-Journal Prospect 

Mayor Todd Eberle has dismissed a committee that was studying problems caused by deer in the city because the issue had become so divisive. One idea the committee discussed to control the deer population — using sharpshooters to kill them — drew opposition from some residents at the council meeting. No survey of residents was conducted and the committee was compiling information about deer population control.

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