The 2018-2019 deer season looks to be good September 25, 2017 Louisiana,

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The 2018-2019 deer season looks to be good September 25, 2017 Louisiana,
... “Lactation rates have improved slightly over the past 2 seasons, which points to improved recruitment. In addition, growing conditions have been fair to good for most of the state this year. While there are some dry spots, most of the state has received adequate rainfall this year to promote good growing conditions.” ..,

After the flood: The bayou state's deer herd October 14, 2019 Louisiana, Louisiana Sportsman
... High water was prevalent the entire time that does were pregnant and extended into the fawning season ... To offset this loss, biologists have recommended that fewer does be harvested this season, which would allow for a higher-than-normal doe population to be producing more fawns in 2020... he browse that is normally available to deer was underwater, and many species probably died back...

The 2019-2020 deer season has opened October 3, 2019 Louisiana,
...the outlook for the 2019-2020 deer season is mixed due to what was considered desirable growing conditions across portions of the state and historic flooding across other parts... timely rainfall and adequate habitat provided the new plant growth needed to meet the high protein and energy requirements to raise fawns.., [the 2018-19 report]

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