Deliberate flooding of Atchafalaya River Basin puts wildlife on the run May 23, 2011 Louisiana

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Deliberate flooding of Atchafalaya River Basin puts wildlife on the run May 23, 2011 Louisiana Los Angeles Times
He spends his days in a pickup truck, bouncing along levees and farm roads in search of displaced deer, black bears, alligators, wild turkeys, feral hogs and the occasional armadillo. By the time deer and other wildlife fight their way out of the rapidly flooding basin, they're exhausted. Deer, feral hogs and other critters often flop down on the levee and rest for an hour or more, stressed and terrified.

Gov. Jindal: Impact of Flood on Wildlife ... May 17, 2011 Louisiana KATC Lafayette News
Concerning the impact of the Spillway opening on wildlife, the Governor said, "LDWF biologists are monitoring the west Morganza floodway levee reported approximately 18 deer and one coyote observed on the levee. Two dead deer were found near fences, ...

Atchafalaya wildlife threatened by flooding May 16, 2011 Lousiana The Republic
Dead animals were everywhere, some in trees, mostly deer and cows, and other critters too weak to fight the rapidly rising water to find higher ground. Birds, mostly vultures, and other carrion eaters were feasting on these leavings. ...

Caught on Tape: Deer swimming through flooded area May 15, 2011 Lousiana KSLA-TV
By Nisreen Hajaj - (KSLA)- Incredibly sad video ofdeer fleeing flooded area in Louisiana. This is the area that's starting to flood because of yesterday's opening of the Morganza (Moore-gann-za) Spillway. There are an estimated 400 ...

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