Calvert County considers ways to curb deer population July 29, 2011 Maryland

Maryland Urban Deer Management News Archive

...a presentation regarding the white-tailed deer population... by representatives of the Department of Natural Resources, the Board of County Commissioner ... to create a working group that will develop a plan...the BOCC deer management options...said there are non-lethal options such as deer resistant plants, scare tactics and hazing, chemical repellents and exclusion, but these options aren’t permanent and won’t reduce the population....the deer population management lethal options are hunting,.... and deer cooperators such as police harpshooting....there is an estimated 235,000 deer population statewide. The estimate is based on the deer mortality rate, hunting mortality, deer vehicle collisions, or DVCs, deer management permits, and non-hunting mortality.... a “very rough” estimate for the county is 7,525 deer.... “There are going to be some that are 100 percent against thinning out the population.”

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