Chevy Chase, Park Police sharpshooters to hunt deer in Chevy Chase park February 12, 2013 Maryland

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Park Police sharpshooters to hunt deer in Chevy Chase park February 12, 2013 Maryland, Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online
... Ryan Butler, senior natural resources specialist for the Parks Department, said ... Generally, ecologists consider 15 deer per square mile sustainable [not true, see the latest U.S. Forest Service Research recommending 15 to 28 deer per square mile as best, forests can regenerate at higher densities] The Parks Department hopes to get the density of deer in Rock Creek Stream Valley Park down to 15 to 30 per square mile... The sharpshooting program began in 1999 at Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Butler said. After a one-year gap, the program resumed in 2001 and has grown since then... [in many states, these programs are reviewed if they fail to achieve results after a few years]

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