Howard County, Animal advocates oppose Howard's annual deer hunt September, 2012 Maryland

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Howard County, Animal advocates oppose Howard's annual deer hunt, Baltimore Sun (blog)
... the hunters will kill about 180 deer ... the program that began in 1998 has so far fallen short of reaching what is considered an ideal deer-to-square-mile ratio ...says Philip C. Norman, who runs the deer management program ... The ideal number, he says, would be 15. [the latest forest service researchputs the optimal deer density in a forest at 15 to 28, with regeneration at even higher densities] ...the DNR's deer project leader, says the deer contraceptive vaccine GonaCon was approved for use in Maryland two years ago, but no one has asked for a permit to use it. He says the vaccine is not expensive ... "The drug itself is cheap, but it's the manpower, it's the labor," Eyler says. The price, he says, can be "easily $500 per deer." [about $25 dollars if the manpower is volunteered]

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