Late-breaking news..[GonaCon] May 16, 2011 Maryland

Late-breaking news...really late breaking May 16, 2011 Maryland Urban Baltimore Sun (blog)

So every media outlet from here to Conneticut got its underwear in a knot over the weekend about the supposed news that Maryland just became the first state to embrace the deer contraceptive GonaCon. Except it didn't just happen. ..For the record the pesticide was approved for use on deer by the Environmental Protection Agency last year. The Department of Natural Resources adopted its policy on GonaCon after it was reviewed by the Wildlife Advisory Commission at its March meeting. The policy contained nothing new. In fact, the limitations on its use are so daunting, the expertise required to administer it so limited and the expense so high that it is unlikely GonaCon will ever be used by Maryland's biologists.

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