Oregon Ridge Applauds Council Efforts to Manage Deer Populations May 6, 2011 Maryland

Efforts to Manage Deer PopulationsMay 6, 2011 Maryland Urban Patch.com
By Nayana Davis

Officials at Oregon Ridge Park ... said thinning the herds will improve the ecosystem. Courtney Peed, director of the Oregon Ridge Nature Center...

Feinberg, the volunteer president of Wildlife Rescue, Inc.and a founding partner of Deer Solutions MD., says that decisions about managing deer populations shouldn't be made by people who aren't well versed on the subject. .."Who are these people to justify killing deer?" she said. "If you look at the Baltimore County Environmental Commission, almost none of them are environmentalists."

Feinberg said charges that deer damage wildlife and hurt other animals are not accurate...."There are multiple studies that refute this overused excuse for killing the deer," 

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