Rockville, Bob Barker urges Rockville residents to save the deer August 30, 2011 Maryland

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Bob Barker urges Rockville residents to save the deer August 30, 2011 Maryland, Washington Examiner (blog)

... Rockville put out a request for public input on the seven recommendations... Two of the recommendations would require a change in the law — allowing backyard fences to be as tall as 10 feet or reducing the deer population by killing them off....Barker has asked residents to write to Mayor Phyllis Marcuccio and members of the city council not to kill the deer...People with comments should send them to or by mail to Deer Task Force, City Hall, 111 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850 by 5 p.m. on Sept. 9. City officials plan to discuss the issue at a meeting on Oct. 24.

Bob Barker on Kojo Nnamdi
 September 2, 2011, Maryland
I got Barker ... on the phone to hear how he learned of a deer cull... Killing deer, Barker said, is totally unacceptable. The price is not right. And he’s putting his vast wealth into action, promising to send McCormick $1,500 for a billboard campaign that will not look like Plinko....“That’s always the first answer from any city government: Kill them,” ... It seems that Rockville residents may soon be seeing anti-deer hunting billboards. All of this activity is generating work for city officials, evidenced by numerous news articles and blog entries now being written about the proposed hunting ordinance...

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