Sligo Creek, County to Thin Sligo Creek's Deer Population by Lethal Means November 7, 2011 Maryland

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County to Thin Sligo Creek's Deer Population by Lethal Means
 November 7, 2011 Maryland., By Ben Gross 

... According to Department of Parks’ Natural Resource Manager Rob Gibbs, overpopulation plagues much of the county and the State of Maryland (who has regulatory authority) does not allow the relocation of deer. In regards to birth control, there are no options that are viable from a safety standpoint for either the deer or county workers.... Gonacon, which was just recently approved by the FDA as a deer contraceptive, has to be administered by hand, and can lead to capture myopathy – which can cripple or be lethal to wild animals  [a U.S.D.A. study concludes "We are confident that GonaCon vaccine will become a valuable addition to the tools used by wildlife professionals to manage populations of overabundant wild animals in settings where other methods such as regulated sport hunting cannot be applied."  It has also been shown to reduce traffic collisionsUsing a netting method requiring no tranquilizing drugs, wildlife managers in Colorado put radio collars on 20 deer and elk with no ill effect, a much more difficult process than injecting a contraceptive]....The Department of Parks is accepting public comments on the proposed initiative until 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 10. via email at

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