The J-Walk Blog: Birth Control For Deer May 16, 2011 Maryland

The J-Walk Blog: Birth Control ForDeer May 16, 2011 Maryland Urban Management By
Maryland has become the first state to approve the use of Gonacon, adeer birth control product. ..."It will cost up to $1,000 to apply it to a deer," Peditto said. The deer must first be shot via dart gun to tranquilize it before Gonacon can be injected. EPA requires that the deer be tagged so that it can be identified as having been treated. Another tag will state that the meat of the animal should not be consumed by humans. "It works on 80 percent of the deer that are injected," Peditto said. "The following year, however, half of those injected deer will become pregnant unless hand-injected a second time."

Our vision is to be able to remotely dart the animal with the drug and tag. That way you don't have to capture it. There are always some animals that don't survive the trauma of the capture and processing, and we would like to eliminate that. "Boyles expects, too, the development of a drug that will last more than one year. She said time-released injections are currently being studied.

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