Blue Hills, State to hold three meetings on deer-hunting plan for Blue Hills September 16, 2015, Massachusetts

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State to hold three meetings on deer-hunting plan for Blue HillsSeptember 16, 2015, Massachusetts, Wicked Local Canton
... as many as 240 hunters would be allowed to hunt deer in designated parts of the park over the course of four days in December ... Comments on the plan can also be submitted in writing to the office of public outreach for the Department of Conservation and Recreation, 251 Causeway Street, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02114. Copies of the hunting proposal are posted on the department’s website under "public outreach."...
[The draft plan is misleading to the public, suggesting that this cull will reduce Lyme disease risk, see research.  The ecological risk is overstated., Delaware has a target deer density of 40 per square mile, but the plan says this level would be an ecological disaster.  The proposed cull does not emulate the effect of a predator since an important role of the predator is to keep the deer moving year round so they don't congregate and over browse.  Instead the hunters come in and slaughter the deer in a short time then leave.  Since deer respond to a hunt with increased fertility, many deer will be killed over the time horizon of this plan to maintain an artificial "nature preserve".]

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