Weston Deer Management: 'Deer in Weston' Report Published By Conservation Commission June 4, 2012 Massachusetts

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Weston Deer Management: 'Deer in Weston' Report Published By Conservation Commission June 4, 2012 Massachusetts, Patch.com
... We do not know the exact number of Weston deer or whether the population continues to grow, ... The most serious problem, the rising incidence of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, is indirectlyconnected: deer do not transmit Lyme disease [deer cull not effective against Lyme] ... The Commission has considered four possible methods of controlling and reducing the population from about 25/square mile to about 6-8/square mile [below low levels recommended by recent research] contraception, mass sharpshooting, and hunting. Only hunting is currently a practical option, in our opinion ... Contraceptives are not presently commercially available [available contraceptivesSee the full report. Comments can be sent via email to selectmen@westonmass.org. 

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