Weston, The ethics of bow-hunting for deer October 24, 2012 Massachusetts

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Weston, The ethics of bow-hunting for deer October 24, 2012 Massachusetts, Wicked Local,  John Sanbonmatsu, Ph.D. 
As someone who teaches ethics at the college level, I am at a loss to understand the moral logic of the Town of Weston's recent decision to allow hunters to kill local deer with bows and arrows ... The arguments advanced by the hunting lobby to support this policy change do not stand up under scrutiny.  Hunters claim that killing deer will slow the spread of Lyme disease.  But the science suggests that Lyme is spread mostly by white mice.  So the hunt will serve no discernible public interest.  Furthermore, studies have shown that bow hunters critically wound one deer for every one they successfully kill, leaving the mortally wounded animals to die a slow, agonizing death in the wild. ...

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