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Cass County deer may offer clues to what ails other malformed animals December 13, 2011 Michigan

Michigan Deer Disease News Archive

... a Cass County hunter is submitting the head of a deer he shot last week to scientists in Georgia ...The deer also is similar to three animals a Michigan researcher has seen in recent years, two from Barry County in 2002 and one in Ionia County in 2004... the only consistent finding in the few Michigan deer his group has studied has been the presence of demodectic mange mites, spider-like bugs that spread the skin condition mange.

One-of-a-kind deer shot near Jones bound for Georgia for study (with photo) December 12, 2011 Michigan, Kalamazoo Gazette -
... at first thought the swollen muzzle of the buck that showed up on his trail cameras this summer might have been the result of a hornet sting. ... a  handful of similar specimens from around the country... “ The lesion is most likely chronic inflammation due to a bacterial infection. To my knowledge I’m the only one that has worked on these cases ... biologist Kevin Keel 

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