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EHD confirmed in 15 Michigan counties August 23, 2012 MIchigan

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EHD confirmed in 15 Michigan counties August 23, 2012 MIchigan, cedarspringspost
... The largest outbreak occurred in Ionia County, with 867 confirmed cases as Tuesday, August 21. The Total number affected is 1,251. Officials said there has been a nationwide increase of EHD outbreaks due to the extended hot and dry conditions... EHD outbreaks killing deer in Michigan have occurred in isolated areas almost every year since 2006. Prior to 2006, EHD outbreaks in Michigan occurred in 1955 and 1974... 

EHD again striking Michigan deerAugust 26, 2012 Midland Daily News
... I can still see the Nebraska Sandhills doe running frantically past me one November morning, streaks of blood running from her eye membranes and mouth ... the local herd had been decimated by epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), a horror-movie of a disease ... Almost certainly, the doe was soon dead, too. EHD has struck Michigan deer, for the sixth time in seven years. Before 2006, outbreaks had been documented only in 1955 and 1974.. 

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