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EHD outbreak's effect on our deer November 3, 2010 Michigan

EHD outbreak's effect on our deer  November 3, 2010  Michigan  Niles Daily Star

EHD, it's a disease transmitted by a biting gnat that infects deer and other wild ruminants ...

EHD is quite common in the southeastern states but only a casual visitor this far north. The disease isn’t new toMichigan. The first known outbreak here was way back in 1955. The next appearance was in 1974, killing approximately 100 deer. The disease laid low for a long time until in 2006 it appeared in Allegan County where 50-75 deer expired. It skipped a year then in 2008 popped up in Oakland and Macomb Counties in the southeastern corner of the state with a death toll of 150 to 200 deer.

It now appears to be a nearly annual event, for in 2009 it popped up in Livingston County and this year it chose our stomping grounds here in the southwest corner of the state. 

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