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EHD Spread Map (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) September 19, 2012

Michigan Deer Disease News Archive

EHD Spread Map (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) September 19, 2012 Fox17
The disease that's been killing thousands of deer all over WestMichigan is spreading geographically and local groups are hosting public meetings to discuss the issue with the DNR. New numbers out from the DNR are showing jumps in the reported cases ...

Michigan deer deaths from viral disease top 4200 September 24, 2012 
... Epizootic hemorrhagic disease has been confirmed in 24 Michigan counties since this summer... The counties where deaths have been reported are generally in the southern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. The DNR expects more dead deer will be found as farmers harvest their crops and hunters take to the field this year... 

Deer-killing EHD virus could affect Michigan's hunting season September 25, 2012 Detroit Free Press
In what officials are saying is the worst outbreak they've ever seen of an insect-borne disease, thousands of fly-bitten deer are dying across south-central Michigan. As of early last week, 4,217 deer deaths were linked to epizootic hemorrhagic disease ... Mida, a deer hunter ... said he knows of several farmers in nearby Jackson County who have seen dozens of dead deer, and one who found more than 100 dead deer alongside a drainage ditch.

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