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Wildlife getting sicker; people the culprit November 11, 2016 Michigan

Michigan Deer Disease News and Information Archive

Wildlife getting sicker; people the culprit November 11, 2016 Michigan, Great Lakes Echo
... researchers suspect chronic wasting disease ... arrived in Michigan when people transported infected deer. Heavy testing by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources did not find chronic wasting disease in the state prior to May 2015, Bill Porter ... at Michigan State University, wrote ... unlikely that an infected deer in the nearest affected areas could have walked to where Michigan’s outbreak originated ...

Wasting disease shifted in Michigan's deer herd January 3, 2017 Michigan, The Detroit News
... In all, 50 cases have now been identified in Michigan since the first emaciated, confused deer was killed by police east of Lansing in 2015. Three others were found from two penned deer farms or ranches in Mecosta County...  numbers appear to indicate we have a new epicenter ..,

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