Crossbow Deer Hunter Survey BJ Frawley, BA Rudolph - 2013 Michigan

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Crossbow Deer Hunter Survey BJ Frawley, BA Rudolph - 2013 Michigan, MDNR
Beginning in 2009, crossbows were allowed for use in Michigan's archery deer 
hunting season in an attempt to expand hunting opportunities, retain existing hunters, and recruit new hunters ... The number of people hunting in the archery season increased 13% statewide since crossbow hunting opportunities was expanded (between 2008 and 2011).  In contrast, participation in all deer hunting seasons declined 7% during this same period.  The proportion of archers using a crossbow statewide increased from 19% in 2009 to 37% in 2011.  The number of crossbow archers in Michigan more than doubled between 2009 and 2011.  The number of deer harvested with crossbows also more than doubled during 2009-2011, although hunter success among archers using crossbows was similar each year.  Harvest by crossbow hunters increased in each successive year during 2009-2011; yet, harvest of deer during all deer hunting seasons combined did not increase each year 

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