What information contributes to the managing of Michigan's deer population? November 22, 2014 MDNR

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What information contributes to the managing of Michigan's deer population?

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So, just what information do DNR biologists take into consideration when developing recommendations for managing Michigan's deer population? What contributing factors and trends were weighed before developing antlerless quotas and other regulations for the Deer Management Unit (DMU) where you hunt? Just what is the DNR thinking when it comes to deer management in this state? Now you can find out the answers to these and other questions that you may have regarding the rationale behind deer management decisions.

The DNR Wildlife Division has created a clickable map that links to a report for each DMU in the state. Just click on a DMU number and you'll be taken to the biologist report, which provides the same background information that was delivered to the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) with Department recommendations on public- and private-land antlerless license quotas and other regulations for each area. For example, want to know the background on DMU 332? Just click the DMU number and find out!

Also, if you're still looking for a good hunting spot, don't forget to check out Mi-HUNT, the interactive public hunting lands locator application that works on your computer, tablet or smartphone! Plus, if you're looking for a nearby deer check station, just text "Deer Check" to 468311, and you'll receive a link back to our deer check station map to find a location near you.

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