Deer season shows improvement November 24, 2017 Michigan

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Deer season shows improvement November 24, 2017 Michigan, Escanaba Daily Press
... The devastating winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15 took a toll on the vast Upper Peninsula (UP) whitetail deer population. One area of the deep snowfall zone saw 80% doe mortality and 100% fawn mortality in the Keweenaw to Gogebic range... Upper Peninsula has experienced two relatively mild winters the last two years ..,

... While the winter of 2015 was relatively mild, the three previous severe winters are still having an impact on deer numbers across the UP. Deer numbers are still quite low, and at least one more mild winter is needed in order to begin seeing deer numbers truly rebound... Apple production appears to be high this year, while acorn and beechnut production is spotty ...

As hunt begins, program protects future deer herds November 15, 2016 Michigan, Daily Mining Gazette
... According to the DNR, the U.P. experiences high snowfall that requires deer to seek conifer shelter to survive typical winters. Recent consecutive severe winters, declining deer numbers and concerns of winter shelter reductions are the focus of the Upper Peninsula Habitat Workgroup. This workgroup’s mission is to improve and conserve critical winter deer habitat...

... “We had a really hard winter a couple of years ago, and we're actually seeing the impacts of that just now because animals were weakened and then became susceptible to TB and are now dying,” Autenrieth said. “So, it can be kind of a two-fold effect.” ..,

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