Did I just see an elk? August 25, 2017 Michigan

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Did I just see an elk? August 25, 2017 Michigan, Cadillac News 
... Michigan’s native elk disappeared around 1875. Today’s elk herd dates back to 1918 when seven western animals were released near Wolverine..,

Michigan DNR Doing Elk Count January 11, 2018News/Talk 94.9 WSJM
... “Elk had been known to be across Michigan in the late 1800s, but they had all disappeared due to over-harvest and a lack of habitat,” Keen said. “In 1918, there were seven elk brought from the western United States to Wolverine, Michigan. It took some years for that population to grow.” ...

Celebrate 100 Years of Michigan's Wild Elk! January 11, 2018 Michigan DNR

... Michigan (DNR) maintains about 900 elk on 105,000 acres in the Pigeon River Country State Forest ... Elk are native to the Great Lakes region, but herds were lost to hunting and habitat decline in the 1800s... Michigan elk restoration began in 1918 when seven Rocky Mountain elk were relocated to Wolverine ..,

100 years since the return of elk to Michigan September 3, 2018 Michigan, Michigan Radio
... Michigan elk were wiped out in the 19th century. Clear cutting the forests removed their habitat. Market hunting ... did the rest by about 1875 ... A hundred years ago in 1918 seven elk were brought from the western United States to Michigan," ...

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