Deer Baiting Ban Up For Discussion In Lansing April 6, 2011 Michigan

Deer Baiting Ban Up For Discussion In Lansing  April 6, 2011  Michigan  Interlochen Public Radio
By Peter Payette 

Feeding deer is the subject of lots of debate in Lansing this week. The state is getting ready to decide in June whether to lift the ban on baiting deer in the Lower Peninsula. Setting out a pile of food or a salt lick causes deer to ...

Pros, cons of resuming deer baiting in Michigan debated before ... April 8, 2011  Michigan Hunting
Deer baiting was banned in Lower Peninsula in 2008.

Sound Off! Saturday, April 16  Michigan  Hunting  The Morning Sun
Baiting deer is not deer hunting. Baiting deer is having deer come to you while you sit in a warm shelter. Deer hunting is when you scout the area, look for signs of deer, and actually think about how you're going to hunt that deer

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