Michigan DNR 2011 Deer Forecast October 3, 2011

Michigan DNR 2011 Deer Forecast October 3, 2011 
Within the UP [Upper Pennisula], , deer populations continue to slowly increase following a second mild winter in a row. Fawn production should be good, though predation may have produced some losses. Antlered buck numbers will likely be on the rise, as the increased production of fawns in 2010 should lead to greater antlered buck numbers this year.... Mild winter conditions for the second year in a row in the NLP [Northern Lower Pennisula] should lead to increasing deer numbers. Deer numbers on many state land areas appear to be on the rise, though they are still below goal in some areas. In some NLP units, indications are that there is an overabundance of deer on private land but lower than desired populations on public land.... The deer population in southern Michigan is expected to be similar to the last few years. Abundant 
food and cover in the form of agricultural crops and scattered swamps and woodlots provide very good habitat across the southern Michigan landscape. This high quality habitat, combined with relatively mild winter conditions, results in an abundant and productive deer population. Deer populations generally exceed DNR goals and fawns generally come in sets of twins and triplets.

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