Whitetails, Presenting Michigan's Deer Problem, October, 1938

Michigan Deer Population, Management News and Information Archive

Data Source:  I.H. Barlett.  (October, 1938).  WHITETAILS  Presenting Michigan's Deer Problem.  Michigan Department of Conservation.  Page 58

Total Deer Herd __
     Bucks     140,952
     Does      595,066
     Fawns    436,957
      Total   1,172,975

Total deer range -- 34,500 square miles
Total known winter range -- 1,985 square miles
Winter range found in good condition -- 340 square miles
Winter range found in medium condition -- 575 square miles
Winter range found in poor condition -- 745 square miles
Known winter range not yet examined -- 325 square miles

Total hunters (1937) -- 157,349
Total deer killed (1937) -- 40,637
Total deer estimated removed by starvation -- 10,000 to 15,000
Estimated possible yearly increase if winter food was present to summprt that number of deer -- 400,000

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