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Lilly the deer has lived with couple at their Michigan home for five years June 4, 2013 Michigan,

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Lilly the deer has lived with couple at their Michigan home for five yearsJune 4, 2013 Michigan, Daily Mail, United Kingdom
A couple who rescued a baby deer as her mother lay dying outside their home after being hit by a car said today they will fight to keep the animal as a part of the family... Lilly is now under threat of being taken from her family after the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) received a complaint that the homeowners were keeping a wild animal as a pet...

...The story of Lilly, a 5-year-old deer, raised from birth by the family in Genesee County, is getting attention from across the country and around the world. Readers of the London Daily Mail and dozens of online news sources are debating whether the unidentified local couple that has raised Lilly should be allowed to keep her ..

... Chessie Rodriguez, 27, of Flint said she started her online petition on after hearing news reports about the DNR's efforts to take Lilly, a 5-year-old deer, from the family that has raised the animal since birth.... "I think what this family did to save a baby deer and raise her is incredible ..."

Should Lilly the Deer Stay With Her Human Family? June 6, 2013 Michigan, TakePart
... The couple, who requested anonymity on Good Morning America yesterday, said that the deer's mother was hit by a car outside their suburban home back in 2009. Before dying, she gave birth to “Lilly.” The family says when they asked a policeman at the at the scene of the accident if they could try to save the newborn, he said they could try ... a “Save Lilly the Deer” Facebook page was created ...

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