Ann Arbor Considers Killing Some Deer In City May 6, 2014 Michigan

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Ann Arbor Considers Killing Some Deer In City May 6, 2014 Michigan, CBS Detroit 
... efforts to control the city’s deer population that could include killing some of the animals or sterilization... Council member Stephen Kunselman said efforts are more likely to involve hunting and killing deer, possibly through an organized hunt. Kunselman said hunters likely would volunteer and the city doesn’t need to spend too much time studying the issue...
... Lumm said residents who want to keep their yards attractive are stymied both economically and physically because of damage caused by deer, and that is "compelling justification" for moving toward addressing the problem... Tanya Hilgendorf, executive director of the Humane Society of Huron Valley ...  said money and effort that otherwise might be used for killing would be better directed toward non-lethal methods...

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