Ann Arbor, Group hopes to put deer issue on ballot for Ann Arbor voters to decide February 3, 2016 Michigan

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... The shooting of deer that's happening right now in Ann Arbor parks and nature areas is expected to be the first in a series of annual culls... opponents of the cull are getting ready to start collecting petition signatures to force a public vote in November ...
     Ann Arbor, Images of dead deer inspire new protests against Ann Arbor deer cull February 2, 2016 Michigan, The Michigan Daily
... On Tuesday morning, an Ann Arbor resident found a dead doe and her unborn fetus, still in its embryonic sac, in Leslie Park Golf Course, one of 114 public areas in the city in which the deer cull is being carried out... examiners discovered a hole on the half-eaten carcass of the doe that they believed to have been a bullet hole according to HSHV...
     Ann Arbor, Humane Society unable to determine cause of death for deer found in Leslie Park February 1, 2016 Michigan,
... Some residents have speculated the deer was shot by one of the sharpshooters hired by the city to kill deer in the parks and then, after getting away, was attacked by one or more coyotes while injured ..

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