Barton Hills, Deer activity in Barton Hills doesn't justify plan to thin herd February 2, 2013 Michigan

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Barton Hills, Deer activity in Barton Hills doesn't justify plan to thin herdFebruary 2, 2013 Michigan,
...  the justifications cited for the program—“roadway safety” and “landscaping issues”—may be delightful euphemisms, but they fail to stand up to scrutiny. A new study by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments reported that car-deer accidents in Washtenaw County have been steadily declining since 2009... Landscaping concerns ... As the owner of a farm, I too get frustrated with deer-related crop damage. But, as the USDA official in the article points out, there are other non-lethal alternatives such as netting and electric fencing. Such prophylactic measures are oftentimes more effective than killing a portion of the deer population.

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