Oakland County: Deer culling program questioned February 3, 2010 Michigan Urban


culling program questioned 

Feb 3, 2010 dailytribune.com

By Karen Workman, Journal Register News Service

The issue of deer management is a hot topic in Oakland County, thanks in large part to last year's much publicized and highly controversial deer cull in Rochester Hills.

In 1980, the Michigan State Police recorded 179 vehicle-deer collisions on Oakland County roads.

By 2008, there were 1,859 vehicle-deer collisions...

The latest figures have the county's deer population estimated to be, on average, at about 26 deer per square mile,

Hunters are escorted to specific blind locations by park employees, provided with radios to remain in contact with the park staff and may only shoot within designated shooting lanes.

Birth control has been recommended as more cost effective...Sordyl said. "It's $2 to $10 per injection but you actually have to train someone to dart them, so someone estimated it's $60 to $70 per deer...Bird added that, "Studies show it really isn't effective unless you can guarantee you've administered the product to 95 percent of deer in a closed population." [study not cited] 

By contrast, the organized hunts cost the county about $350 per deer based on the cost to staff the hunts.

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