PETA trounces Grand Forks Mayor for his deer cull ideas August 19, 2010 Michigan

PETA trounces Mayor for his deer cull ideas The Boundary Sentinel 8/19/2010

Michigan PETA representatives, alerted by local residents who heard about the comments in the media by Taylor about an urban deer cull to resolve their ...Bow hunting deer is also inhumane because many deer who are shot are merely wounded by arrows, and their deaths can be slow and painful – it can take weeks for some animals to succumb to their injuries.”

“There’s no way to kill all the deer, they’re just going to keep replenishing their numbers. There is a temporary spike in the food supply that results when you kill the deer, suddenly there’s an abundance of resources. So when the “new” deer move in to fill the void created by those killed or removed, they have a smorgasbord in front of them.”

PETA specifically recommends a strong no-wildlife feeding bylaw be implemented and enforced, scare tactics and deterrents like motion-detector lights and radios be employed, all sources of food for fawns be identified and managed, and that deer fencing be installed as need to keep the animals out of heavily landscaped areas.

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