Should Blandford Nature Center allow deer hunting? September 9, 2011

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Should Blandford Nature Center allow deer hunting? September 9, 2011 Michigan, The Grand Rapids Press -, By Howard Meyerson 

... it will be the second year that deer are hunted on the Walker portion of the 143-acre property in an attempt to reduce deer damage to the vegetation that grows there including wildflowers like trillium.  "We think we have a deer problem here," said Blandford executive director Annoesjka Steinman. " ... we have some ongoing studies to determine just how many deer we have." ....The number of deer won’t change the split opinions on the necessity of the hunts. Some adamantly oppose culling the herd while others believe it to be overdue...A 2007-08 study indicated that 136 deer used the property ...

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