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Videos explain CWD testing and how to quarter and cape a deer October 1, 2018 Minnesota

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Videos explain CWD testing and how to quarter and cape a deer

October 1, 2018 DNR News Release

Videos about how to get deer tested for chronic wasting disease, how to quarter a deer, how to cape a trophy deer and how to remove lymph nodes from a deer are available on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources website at

“We’re informing hunters about what they can do to minimize risk to our wild deer population,” said Lou Cornicelli, wildlife research manager. “There are a few changes to this year’s surveillance areas and the informational video should help clarify the changes.”

Hunters also should consult the DNR website and the Minnesota Hunting Regulations book for more information. This year, the CWD testing locations are in the regulations book.

The majority of states have implemented CWD-related carcass import and export restrictions, which are designed to reduce the risk of CWD spread. In Minnesota, it is illegal to import a whole carcass from any state or Canadian province whether or not CWD has been documented.

“We instituted a nationwide ban in 2016 because the increased discovery of the disease in both captive and wild deer which made it difficult to manage on a county-by-county basis,” Cornicelli said.

Over the last two years, the DNR has been working with taxidermists and venison processors to educate them on the rule change.

“The risk is low when you quarter and go – that’s the mindset the DNR wants to create,” said Erik Hildebrand, CWD project leader.

Bluffland Whitetails Association has provided a quartering station hunters can use in Preston to help hunters comply with the export restrictions that are in place within the CWD management zone, deer permit area 603.

Proactive surveillance and precautionary testing for disease is a proven strategy that allows the DNR to manage CWD by finding it early and reacting quickly and aggressively to control it. These actions, which were taken in 2005 to successfully combat bovine tuberculosis in northwestern Minnesota deer and in 2010 to eliminate a CWD infection in wild deer near Pine Island, provide the best opportunity to eliminate disease spread.

Complete information about mandatory CWD testing this fall, sampling station locations and a related precautionary feeding ban are available on the DNR website at

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