DNR hire deals with farmers' complaints about deer August 10, 2012 Minnesota

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DNR hire deals with farmers' complaints about deer August 10, 2012 Minnesota, Post-Bulletin
... The first thing Clint Luedtke, the DNR's new deer depredation specialist, did was bring over the temporary fence. He is also arranging for up to $5000 in permanent fencing ... The blufflands are well suited for whitetails. It has wooded valleys near cropland and mild winters, so deer are well fed and produce a lot of fawns, he said. Because of that, deer numbers rose so high, especially in Winona and Houston counties, that the DNR was allowing hunters to register up to five deer each year... 

Deer Wreak Havoc On Southeastern Farms August 13, 2012 Minnesota, CBS Local
... “We’re trying to grow vegetables in their dining room, really,” [Lonnie Dietz of Whitewater Gardens Farm] said. On his farm alone, Dietz will lose between $5,000 and $10,000. Now, the Minnesota DNR is helping out farmers like Dietz. The state is lending Dietz a solar powered electric fence to protect his most valuable crops. And within a year, he’ll install a permanent 10-foot-high fence to keep the deer from dining on his profits ... 

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