What's going to happen with antler-point restrictions (APRs)? November 1, 2012 Minnesota

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What's going to happen with antler-point restrictions (APRs)? November 1, 2012 Minnesota, Post-Bulletin
... deer hunters in Zone 3 ... participating in the final act of a three-year experiment with antler-point restrictions...  Lou Cornicelli, the state's longtime big-game coordinator who recently was named the state's wildlife research and policy manager ... "We'll be aging the deer, measuring antlers and identifying the location of the kill. We've been collecting data at these stations since 2003, and what we're looking for a shift in the age-class harvest over time... In order to get the Legislature to approve the APRs again, we're going to need a pretty good data set. So, we'll be sending out 4,000 surveys to hunters in Zone 3."

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