Camp Ripley Deer Management Factsheet August 7, 2011 Minnesota

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Deer populations at Camp Ripley are not managed with a priority of 
producing trophy-status bucks, nor are they managed with goals of maximizing hunting opportunity or harvest. Instead, a less intensive approach is used with relatively light hunting pressure compared to most deer management areas in Minnesota. This is primarily due to the 53,000-acre installation’s status as a military training site and statutory game refuge. Several factors have helped to create a deer population that is slightly older (approximately 0.5 years older) and more naturally regulated that requires little harvest compared to areas outside the refuge. These include the presence of 1) an established wolf population, 2) large amounts of high quality, intact, and diverse habitats, and 3) relatively low levels of human activity or encroachment. 
Deer density – There has been no consistent formal monitoring and deer population estimation within Camp Ripley. However, available information for the surrounding permit area and recent aerial surveys in Camp suggest that as of 2011 the population is at 22 and 36 deer/mi2 for prefawning and post-fawning densities, respectively. Pre-harvest densities in Camp during the last 12-year period of mild winters have ranged from 32-41 deer/mi2

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