Bloomington, Three Rivers parks tries to outfox deer in Bloomington December 8, 2012 Minnesota

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Bloomington, Three Rivers parks tries to outfox deer in Bloomington December 8, 2012 Minnesota, kMinneapolis Star Tribune
...a six-foot electrified fence around 30 acres of parkland. Their aim is to teach deer to avoid an area that next spring will be planted with 55,000 seedlings in a reforestation project [deer can jump a 6 foot fence, why not 8 feet?] ...   about $15,000 for the fence ...  "Deer, if they want to, could easily jump this fence," he said. "We've already gotten a few reports of deer inside."  They likely will be taken by sharpshooters hired to keep the park's overall deer population under control  ... Paul Kortebein, manager of forestry and horticulture for Three Rivers Park District ...

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