Duluth Deer Hunt Extension Earns PETA Criticism May 5, 2011 Minnesota

Duluth Deer Hunt Extension Earns PETA Criticism(video) May 5, 2011 Minnesota Urban FOX 21 Online
by Jacob Kittilstad and photojournalist Harry Baker, FOX 21 NEWS DULUTH-

The hunt is back on in Duluth after city councilors vote to extend a program aimed at reducing the area's deer population. The method is bow hunting and an animal activist group ...

Representatives with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), however, say the current solution is not the right solution.

"The [Arrowhead] Bowhunting Alliance claims to have killed 300 deer yet there's still a deer problem so obviously what's happening isn't working,” PETA Animal Cruelty Case Worker Kristin Simon said.

PETA also has theories that seasonal kills just add to the problem when the loss of deer creates an abundance of food.

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