Oakdale considers ban on feeding deer August 18, 2011 Minnesota

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Oakdale considers ban on feeding deer August 18, 2011 Minnesota, Oakdalel Lake Elmo Review
Feeding deer on private property in Oakdale may be prohibited by an ordinance ... The city typically receives three to five complaints about residential deer feeding each year, according to ...Other communities in the east metro do have deer feeding bans, but they are enforced based on complaints they receive....Mayor Carmen Sarrack said he agreed a similar system could work in Oakdale and those who violate the ordinance could be issued a warning first and then possibly a fine....staff researched the ordinances of 10 nearby cities and found that Maplewood, Mahtomedi and St. Paul have a deer feeding ban. ...There is no cost to the city to have the MBRB shoot deer, other than parking permits for the hunters....In the meantime, the city will continue its program with the MBRB. Since the program started several years ago, the bow-hunting group has harvested 88 deer

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