Owatonna, City deer hunt set for Nov. 1 October 22, 2014 Minnesota

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Owatonna, City deer hunt set for Nov. 1 October 22, 2014 Minnesota, southernminn.com 
...  archery deer hunt to begin in nine Owatonna public park areas.
The city issued special permits to 15 bow hunters to set up stands in the parks... There has been some concern over safety, because the parks will be open to the public during the six-week hunt ...

Owatonna, City of Owatonna should reconsider how it is conducting deer hunt October 28, 2014 Minnesota, Southernminn.com
...  the wildlife deer belong to all of us, collectively ... City government should encourage representation by all Owatonna citizens. Rather than a few officials ...  their plan is to keep all of the parks open during the hunts. Is this a safety risk for park patrons? ... [the city likely would be liable for any injuries to people] 

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