Owatonna City puts growing deer population in the crosshairs September 6, 2011

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[Owatonna] City puts growing deer population in the crosshairs September 6, 2011 Minnesota, Rebecca Rodenborg, Owatonna.com 
...A reported increase in deer populations ...  has led to city officials setting up a study session to talk about possible solutions, including a staged deer hunt...“It’s the same thing as always. They’re telling us that the deer are becoming more bold, that they’re coming into gardens and flower beds and eating away and raising some havoc,” ...“You do have to consider, the wildlife deer belong to all of us, collectively, and so if you’re going to remove that from the rest of us, we want good justification for doing so,” ...a public hunt is the preference for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, said Jeanine Vorland, an area wildlife manager for the DNR.

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