West St. Paul and Sunfish Lake: deer survey April 11, 2011 Minnesota

Cities get complaints: deer aren't endearing April 11, 2011 Minnesota South West Review

The cities of West St. Paul and Sunfish Lake recently conducted an aerial survey of the two municipalities to determine if there's an overabundance of deer. ...St. Paul Police Officer Matt Muellner accompanied a pair of State Patrol officers on the flyover. 

Muellner is a member of the metro-area Bowhunter's Resource Base, a non-profit coalition of Minnesota archery organizations formed specifically to address the problem of expanding urban deer populations.

Sunfish Lake Mayor Richard Williams said vehicle vs. deer accidents are sometimes a concern, but that usually isn't the reason for organizing a hunt. 

"We have relatively few car/deer accidents, but there is a health risk associated with large deer populations," he said. "Lyme disease is an issue with too many deer. Where you have a large deer population that may be stressed, statistically, you have an increased risk of Lyme disease."  [deer density not correlated with Lyme, see research page]

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