Surveys Indicate Good News for Deer and Antelope Numbers January 6, 2014 Montana

Montana Deer Population,Management News and Information Archive

... Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks wildlife biologists are busy completing post hunting season deer surveys across the region... preliminary indicators point towards a good to excellent fawn crop this past summer for both mule deer and white tailed deer. “Production” is the number of fawns observed per doe and any ratio over 40 fawns per 100 does is indicative of increasing populations. Mule deer survey ratios so far range from 56 - 100 fawns per 100 does. The while tailed ratios are mirroring those of the mule deer. This is good news for deer populations that have been beset in recent years by tough environmental conditions. In particular, mule deer populations across eastern Montana took a solid hit during the winters of 2009-10 and again in 2010-11.
      Mule deer populations suffered high mortality and by 2012 populations had declined 55% from population peaks noted in 2006-2008. In response to these population declines, FWP reduced mule deer doe licenses by 90% from roughly 11,500 issued in 2009 to 1,200 issued in 2012 and 2013. [see graphy below]

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